Tower Hill Child Care Centre Preschool Program

  • Preschool Program Ages: 2.7 years – 4 years
  • Preschool Room: Teacher/Child Ratios 1:8

At Tower Hill Child Care Centre, we understand the great importance of this delicate stage of a child’s development. Specifically, this is a time when the child begins to take steps in true independency, by learning how to dress themselves, toileting independently and making strong bonds with peers and people in their everyday lives

Children at this stage learn about respect, the “why’s of the world” and differences amongst each other which make each individual unique. In the Preschool, classroomchildren will begin learning about letter recognition, pre-writing skills, reading skills, number recognition, sequencing, and patterning. Parents are encouraged on a daily basis to ask the teachers about their child’s growth and development in the Preschool classroom.

Naps are provided for two hours daily for children less than 4 years of age. A rest period is required for at least one hour. If your child is not napping after one hour, they will be provided with a quiet activity such as storybooks or quiet table activities.

We provide daily written charts and verbal communication to keep you informed about every part of your child’s day (i.e., napping and feeding and daily favourite activity).

We seek to provide our parents peace of mind and build mutual respect between ourselves and parents and caregivers.