Tower Hill Child Care Centre Toddler Program

  • Toddler Program Ages: 18 months – 2.7 years
  • Toddler Room: Teacher/Child Ratios 1:5

At Tower Hill Child Care Centre we are proud to offer a carefully designed, age-appropriate program that provides both freedom and opportunities for Toddlers to explore and discover as they work with a wide variety of materials. Our Toddler rooms are spacious, colourful, and stimulating. Rotation of toys is mandatory so that children get a large variety and always have interesting toys that capture their attention. With the teacher’s guidance, basic rules, routines, and social interactions are encouraged.

The Toddler program will offer your child an opportunity at a well-balanced curriculum based on the children’s wide variety of interests. As well, planned indoor and outdoor activities are included each day.

We provide daily written charts and verbal communication to keep you informed about every part of your child’s day (i.e. diapering, toileting, napping, feeding, and favorite daily activity).

Toilet training will commence in the Toddler room when your child exhibits certain behaviours that are associated with physical and emotional readiness related to toilet training. We seek to provide our parents with peace of mind and build mutual respect between our teachers and caregivers. Naps are provided for two hours daily. A rest period is required for at least one hour.

If your child is not napping after one hour, they will be provided with quiet activities, such as storybooks or quiet table activities.